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Visa UKBA Guide

USA Students

USA students who will study in the UK for less than six months do not have to apply for a visa in advance of traveling to the UK. But students need to present documents that prove that they:

•  have been offered a place on a course in the UK at an accepted place of study

•  have enough money to support yourself without working or help from public funds, or that relatives and friends can support and house you

•  can pay for your return or onward journey

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Student Semester Europe Ltd. Will provide an official letter from our Account Manager, explaining all the information on your programme and accommodation for your study in London.

If you're under 18 you must also:

•  have made arrangements for your travel and stay in the UK

•  have permission from your parent or guardian to study in the UK

For more information, please check the links:

Students from EU and Switzerland

Students from EU countries are not require a visa to come to the UK for study. However, please make sure you have a valid passport with you.

Other International Students

International students from non EU and Switzerland countries are required a visa in order to come to the UK. The process of application is depends on the length of your stay. There are two main types of you should apply for depending on the length of your course:

Student Visitor Visa

If you are coming for the short term (less than 6 month) you required to apply for a student visitor visa. In order to do that you need to provide following documents:

•  A valid passport that will not be expired during your stay in the UK

•  An official letter from the University.

•  A bank statement or your financial situation, proving you have enough amount of money to cover your studies cost and living expenses. Living expenses should be no less than £1,000 per month and plus your tuition costs depending on the program you chose.

•  An official letter from Student Semester Europe Ltd. Account Manager giving all the information on your programme and accommodation for your study in London.

For more information, please check the links :

Tier 4 Student

If you are coming for the long stay (more than 6 month) you are required to apply for a Tier 4 visa in advance. You can apply by yourself by completing an application form online: . We can help you to process this with end University you will study with. As the University will provide the CAS number for your on line application. Or to make it easier you can call an agency.


If you need to apply for a new passport or to extend the expired one, please follow the link: