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Trimester System & Dates


SSE courses are structured around the tri-semester American system, which include 3 main semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer.


16 weeks

Aug. 18 - Dec 18



16 weeks

Jan. 7 - May 13



16 weeks

May. 16 - Aug. 9

The Fall Semester (Starts in Aug /Sep)

This is the first semester of the year, which starts mid. August and is less often called the autumn semester. The academic year begins in this semester and most aid and assistantships are offered during this period. More over most new intake is during this period.

The Spring semester (Starts in Jan)

Classes begin around the first or second week of January. Most universities (say 85%) admit new students during this semester, but the student intake is less compared to fall. The chance of an aid is lesser but other on-campus part time jobs are available year round, good enough to take care of your living, accommodation and personal expenses. Some universities call this the winter semester.

The Summer semester (Starts Beginning of Jun)

This is the shortest of the three semesters and spans for a period of two months and usually begins in June. Very few universities have summer intake. Although the university on the whole may have summer intake, but make sure the department accepts new students (this is applicable to spring as well). In several cases regular students do not enroll for this semester and work full time on campus (40 hrs/week).