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Credits & Transcripts


One of the main reasons to study abroad is to fulfill requirements for your home university. By studying abroad, you can get ahead in your degree plan, or go and take the same classes for a semester as you would have back home. Upon successful completion of your study abroad program you will earn an official transcript from the British university certifying the classes and hours completed and grades earned. When preparing to study abroad with us you will need to give yourself time to get your classes pre-approved. Every university has a different system but we have a lot of experience with this and will help guide you to get started !

University Credit

Credit earned through our programs will transfer to your university degree as long as you get them pre-approved. Please, make sure you pre-approve your courses with a faculty advisor before departure to ensure credit transfer.

After your completion of a programme, we will ensure the official university transcript in a sealed envelope with a cover letter is sent to you by a university. The foreign coursework you complete is measured in classroom contact hours. A contact hour is the unit of measurement that is used by U.S. universities to determine credit.


For every program you will receive one official University transcript. This official transcript will be sent to you or to the University or Admissions department that you indicate. At any time after receiving your included transcript, you may request additional transcripts (that you may need for graduate applications, applying to jobs or teaching programs.

Foreign transcripts are typically ready in 4 to 8 weeks after the completion of a program. SSE is responsible to ensure that an Official Transcript is sent by ta university to a student.