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Terms & Conditions


Student Semester Europe Ltd known as 'SSE', Terms & Conditions can be changed at any time and can be done Copy is as of January 2015. If browsing and using our website you agree to the SSE Terms & Conditions of use.

1. The SSE Logo is the copyright of Student Semester Europe Ltd Holding. Its holding company is Inter-Consulting Europe Ltd.

2. The SSE cannot be used by any 3rd Party without permission of SSE and can be a breach of International Copyright Laws in USA and Europe and Asia. SSE has logos advertised on its web site as our memberships and affiliates.

3. The website and information may be printed and distributed for Student and Education use for application and sourcing information.

4. SSE is not responsible for any errors and commissions and strives for full daily corrections if any.

5. SSE has links to suppliers, affiliates and Education bodies, SSE does not take any responsibility on the information or controls of these sites as have no responsibility. SSE in all case does carry out a policy of due diligence.

6. The Directors and employees of SSE cannot be responsible for any punitive or damages on this SSE site. They will not be liable for any punitive damages, losses, any programme details that are incomplete by a 3rd party supplier, such as dates and pricing. On use for information the user agrees not hold SSE liable for any event that is negative.

7. The' Jurisdiction' of the Terms & Conditions are governed by the Laws of England & Wales, the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

8. Privacy, SSE strives for all parties and applicants privacy and contact of communications. Any breaches of privacy will be investigated and lawfully addressed.

9. The data of all parties is confidential and will not be shared with any other 3rd party. It will only be used in connection to services and the parties that are within the SSE group.

10. SSE will not be responsible for any damages to an applicant or third party if a virus or any other harmful email attached. SSE strives to have updated Anti-Virus software that is updated daily.

11. Type of courses advertised are valid with dates available, location, course description, cost of course, the start of course, the date for deposit of course, last date for final payment, receipt of booking form ,the applicant must also have valid Passport in hand and Credit Approval and Liability Form signed and sent to SSE.

12. In the event of any injuries or death by any applicant, the applicant agrees to have International Home Medical Cover. The applicant agrees not hold SSE responsible for any injury by a Third party or own negligence.

13. SSE does not allow any use of its www content or logo to be used without any prior consent.

14. 'Force Majeure' SSE shall not be held liable to any party for any type of failure or obligation. This is under any agreement which is due to any event beyond SSE control. Such as the Act of God, terrorism, war, political Insurgence, insurrection, riot, civil unrest, act of civil or military authority ,uprising , earthquake, flood or any other natural or man-made eventuality outside SSE control. In these cases can cause the termination of any agreement or any contract in hand. All parties can adhere to a reasonable solution and go to 'Arbitration' if needed in the United Kingdom Great Britain.

15. The right of 'waiver' each party has right of signed 'waiver' if any party has failure to comply with any agreement or term with SSE, the applicant and other third party affiliated to SSE.

16. Insurance for any applicant must be in place and proof of placement before departure must be shown to SSE. This is for International Medical Travel Cover, Flight Delays, Medical Injury, Lost Luggage, Stolen Items, Loss of Cash, and Personal Injury & Accidental Death.

17. Transcripts are processed by the Host Education body and SSE. The Transcripts are processes in Letter form to the applicant only after the course completion.

18. SSE and the Host Education body reserve the right to terminate any applicant due to undue behaviour in its term time. This can be due not attending classes, unreasonable behaviour in the education body, on the premises of the education body, halls of residence, host family, rental accommodation drug abuse, downloading pornography, alcohol abuse, sexual harassment and any other negative items to be found and proven.