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University and College Partners & Affiliations


In order to expand opportunities and increase incentives for our students to study abroad, SSE is searching daily for new Affiliate and Partner agreements with leading Universities, Colleges and other educational bodies in the USA, Europe and Far East.

In turn, working as an agent, SSE intends to provide a full touchdown services for clients in the UK and Europe, sourcing for new agreements and applicants.

SSE established Affiliations allow students to receive special discounts, travel grants and scholarships. The scholarship types and amounts will vary by semester; award categories may include, but are not limited to merit, need, global competency, and diversity.

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SSE is looking for new partners and affiliates in the USA and other global locations. To establish standard partnership agreements with International Study Abroad Officers are under our particular focus.

Why to become a partner with SSE?

Despite SSE is newly established company, it has a great potential to establish strong and prominent position in the market. By providing exceptional, high quality services with a number of key features and exclusive offers we intense to prove our success and achieve goals.

SSE intends to act as a reliable and well performed agent for our partners, bringing positive outcome for both parties in different aspects, including financial growth, increasing awareness, expansion of future prospects and business development.

Key features of SSE Programs:

•  All programs include 2 complimentary Excursions in England

•  Exclusive Europe trip to Paris is organized in conjunction with our partner in France

•  A $500.00 Grant is provided to all applicants of our partner institutions

•  Reward based Ambassador Scheme is applied to expand scope of the business

•  Guardian Support Services are provided to guarantee total support, health and safety control and guidance to all students

If you are interested to become an affiliate or a partner of SSE, please contact us.