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Luggage tips

wo suitcases and one carry-on bag is enough for one semester program. Rolling suitcases are the most comfortable. Additionally, you can take one backpack or small rolling suitcase for your weekend trips.

Additionally, we would recommend you to come to the UK with the only one bag and bring empty bag with you, or to buy it in the UK, so you can use it on your way back to carry new items you have bought in the UK.

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Airline requirements

Each airlines have their own requirements for the size/weight limits and fees for luggage. Please check with your airline operator what is your allowance before packing your stuff, because overweight fees are usually very expensive. In the case if you are using more than one airlines, please, make sure to check both of them. The luggage allowance for the international flights is usually higher than in the flights within the country. Note, budget airlines, such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet are incredibly strict about luggage allowance and will charge even if your luggage is slightly overweight.

Luggage Delays

Very Important:

Some of the travellers face luggage delays. It can take about 24-72 hours to get you luggage back. Therefore, to avoid inconvenience, please put the following items into you carry-on bag:

•  extra clothes

•  essential personal items (toiletries, medicine, etc.)

•  phone charge

•  your local address abroad

•  last minute check list

Shipping Packages abroad

We don't recommend you to mail packages abroad, unless it is not something urgent, as it is very expensive, because you will be required to pay a customs. If you decided to send something, you will be asked to complete customs form and declare the value of your parcel (The higher the declare value the higher the tax will be). There are some of the fastest and most reliable companies we would recommend you: DHL, FedEz, UPS.

Note: you are responsible for all your packages. Neither SSE, your host family, accommodation nor you university will accept packages for you to pay if you absent. Items will be just shipped back and that will be you responsibility.

Overnight Mail

Overnight from the US does not mean overnight in the UK. If someone send you overnight parcel from the US it may takes 2 and more business days to receive it in the UK.