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Internship is a great opportunity for students to apply knowledge they have learnt at the university in a real-world setting. It is an amazing way to improve their qualification and get valuable trainings which will boost their future careers. Doing an internship is also a great chance to get new connections and receive valuable references from professionals from the relevant industry. Additionally, it is not a secret that many employers see interns as prospective employees and at the end of an internship successful interns may be offered a full-time position.

SSE is a partner of a well-established recruiting company, working with the top 500 Financial Times Stock Exchange Companies. SSE can provide students with a great opportunity to boost their careers by taking a placement year or an internship at the one of the top companies all over the Europe.

Internship in London

From multinational companies, to industrial placements and start-up businesses - London is one of the best places in the world to enhance your career perspective and get valuable employability skills.

In modern incredibly competitive world, an internship in London is an amazing opportunity to stand out of the crowd. Working in London will help you to become more independent, develop important career enhancing skills, improve your business vocabulary and get deep into the working world.

Companies that provide internships

Who is the internship Program for?

•  Graduates who wish to add skills and work experience to their CV to help stand out from the crowd in today's overcrowded job market.

•  University Students who are looking for an experience to complement their studies. We frequently receive applications from students who wish to complete an internship as part of a Leonardo or Erasmus program.

Note: Students from non EU countries are welcome to apply, but are subject to work permits.

Areas of employment:

•  Human Resources

•  Marketing

•  Digital Media Design

•  Event Management

•  HR Diversity Management

•  Supplier Procurement IT

•  Hospitality

•  Talent Finder Resourcing

•  HR Assistant Consulting

•  International Marketing

•  Project Management

•  Director Elite Internship Programme

General Program Info:

Duration: 2 to 52 weeks

Prices: from £500 per Programme

Start Date: Internships are available through the year. Induction day usually starts on Monday.

Application Deadline: at least 12 weeks before you wish to start the internship.

If you are interested to apply for an Internship Program, you are welcome to contact us. We will help you find the perfect placement that will match to your education, career goals and personality, and give you the opportunity to fully explore your career path.

Internship Programmes

Programme Duration Location Cost
UK Professional Internship

Up to 16 weeks


from £550

UK General Work Experience

Up to 5 weeks


from £400

Hospitality Training Programme

Up to 52 weeks


from £495

Internship Programme for Non-Europeans

Up to 4 weeks


from £550

Career Development Programme

Up to 55 weeks


from £1500

Internships for Americans

Up to 24 Weeks


from £2190

Tier 5 Engineering Internships

Up to 12 months


from £1850

Apprenticeship Programmes





Business and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

3 year


Available upon request

Apprenticeship and Career Events

3 year


Available upon request

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