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Travel: Health & Insurance

International Health Insurance

With the purpose to prevent and protect your child from any kind of unforeseen events (illnesses, emergencies, changes, and cancellations) we would recommend you to considered one of our Insurance options.

Most of the study abroad programs normally require to purchase International Health Insurance (Provides students with a possibility to access a high quality care and service during their time of study abroad), however depending on your personal safety preferences and travel circumstances, we are welcome to provide you with more expanded insurance options:

Emergency medical and evacuation insurance

Health insurance that covers medical expenses in the case illnesses and hospitalization with the high quality medical service.

Trip cancellation insurance

Covers the travel and program expenses in the case of cancelation.

Travel assistance insurance

Provides with the economic and logistic support in the case of emergency.

Tuition insurance

Cover the cost of student' tuition fee in the case if he/she was withdrawal from the course because of the circumstances not under their competencies.

For more information on typical Insurance providers, please, check the links:


There are no specific vaccinations required before coming to the UK. However, please, make sure that your Meningitis, Hepatitis and Tetanus vaccinations are up to date. Note, any new vaccinations need to be applied 4-6 weeks in advance. If you plan to visit other countries, please, check their vaccination requirements.

Prescription Medication

If you plan to take any medicine while the time of studying abroad or require any other medical support, please, let us know and be aware of the following information:

•  You are required to bring a letter from you doctor, which will describe your medical condition, medical prescriptions doses and generic names of prescribed medications

•  Any medications brought from the US have to be carried in their original packs with clear and legible labels

•  It is important to make sure, that medicine you bring are legal in the UK

•  All prescriptions and its copies should be packed in your carry-on bag

•  If you have allergies, reactions to any certain medicine or products, please wear a 'medical alert' bracelet

•  If you have a medical condition that may need attention while you are abroad, please ask you doctor to write conditions of your sickness and recommendations how to treat you. Bring one of the copy with you and leave one copy to your parent.