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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the benefits of studying abroad

Study abroad is a life-changing experience, opening students eyes to different ways of life and promoting understanding and tolerance.

Research shows that students who study abroad are usually more confident, have higher grades and are more likely to graduate from the university with the better rates than the students who did not do that.

There are some reasons why you should think of study abroad:

  • Do it while you are young and energetic, before you are tied down to one place
  • Increase you confidence and independence
  • Develop team-building and communication skills
  • Strengthen career opportunities
  • Practice, develop and hone your language skills
  • Meet new friends from around the world, who you can share interests with and learn new ideas from
  • Get new contacts and useful networks
  • Immerse yourself in a totally different culture
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Expand your horizons and get to know other cultures
  • Opportunity to study new subjects not available to you at your home university
  • Have fun, try new food, new sports, activities and entertainment
  • Experience something totally different and unforgettable
  • Instead of just visiting for a few days, you are actually living there three to four months
  • Enhance employment opportunities. Students who had experience of study abroad are more appealing to companies to hire

2) How to Apply?

For the application process, please visit the Apply page or Contact us.

3) What are the requirements for application?

Each course will notify what your requirements are.

4) When is the application deadline?

Application deadline is 12 weeks in advance before the program begins (but keep in mind, sooner is better).

5) Is the application fee refundable?

Yes, in certain cases you may get a refund, but not at the full price.

6) What are the program dates?

Course dates can be found against each course - please visit the courses page for more information.

7) How soon will I found out if I have been accepted?

You will be informed within 2 weeks.

8) Do I need a student visa?

Yes, you do. Please follow the link of how to apply: UKBA Visa.

9) How do I get passport?

Please, check the UKBA Visa Guide.

10) What are the program prices and what is included?

Course prices can be found against each course - please visit the courses page for more information.

11) What type of housing do you offer?

Please refer to our housing page.

12) How many CATS and Credits per semester will I get?

Each student must apply to SSE and verify the course and CATS and transfer credits they will get back to the home study course. SSE will verify and guide all students. As from SSE will take care that all is verified and work with all parties.