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Do you need to learn or improve your English for work, study, travel or simply to communicate with your friends? SSE offers a great selection of English programs for different purposes, including General English, Preparatory for study English, Business English and English for Specialists. SSE collaborates only with well - recognized and established English Schools and Colleges in England and guarantee that all of the tutors are well - experience and passionate about teaching and know how to motivate, support and guide students with their learning. There are a number of locations to study English you can chose from: London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Bournemouth and others.

Students of all ages are welcome to apply. However, be aware, students under the age of 18 are required to be supported with extra guidance by the SSE agents. For more information, please contact us.

A pile of English books

General English Courses is for those who are looking to improve their everyday English skills . This program is a perfect choice for English learning beginners. It is designed to improve students' English skills across the main areas: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Preparatory English Courses are designed to prepare students for English exams recognized around the world by universities, employers and national education authorities, including Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL exams. Each SSE Preparatory English program focuses on techniques and strategies of a specific exam with lessons are structured around students' needs and requirements. Students can decide which areas of English they would like to focus the most, selecting from speaking, listening, writing, reading or grammar. English Examinations are essential if you want to apply for an overseas university, visa or job.

Business English Courses are designed for those who are interested to improve their business English skills with a focus on communication and negotiation techniques. Dedicated English teachers with business experience will share their knowledge with students, helping them to achieve great results.

In addition, Cross-cultural communication skills training seminars can be provided to students by experts in international business communication across cultures. These seminars are designed to help students improve their communication skills within a real international business environment. Trainings will include market briefings, managing diversity, team working, selling across cultures, and leadership.

Specialists English Courses are designed for experienced, practicing business people who are required to use specialist English at work. Participants, who take this program will benefit from working with professionals from similar industry and within an international atmosphere. From meetings to negotiations and reports to presentations Specialist English programs aim to prepare students operate within English speaking business environment and deliver a specific content in a professional way.

English Programs:



General English

Intensive English (30 h/w)


£605 (2 weeks*)

*minimum requirement

Semi - Intensive (21 h/w)


£645 (2 weeks*)

*minimum requirement

Moderate English (15 h/w)


£645 (2 weeks*)

*minimum requirement

Preparatory English

Cambridge Preparation 15 CPE

£2590 (11 weeks)

Cambridge Preparation 15 FCE

£2495 (11 weeks)

Cambridge Preparation 20 FCE

£3230 (11 weeks)

Cambridge Preparation 15 CAE

£2495 (11 weeks)

Cambridge Preparation Fast Track 15 CAE


IELTS Preparation 15

£1085 (4 weeks); £1975 (8 weeks)

IELTS Preparation 20

£1245 (4 weeks); £2360 (8 weeks)

IELTS Test Technique 25

£390 (1week)


TOEFL Preparation Programs


Business English

General Executive 30

From £910

Business 30

From £910

Business 15 + General 15

From £910

Business 15 + Individual 10

From £1240

Business 15 + Individual 15

From £1590

General 15 + Individual 15

From £1590

Business Communication (evening)

From £450

Business Writing (evening)

From £450

The English Experience

From £1320

Specialist English

English for Banking & Finance


From £1220

English for Human Resources Management

From £1125

English for Information Technology


From £1125

English for Journalism


From £1125

English for Law


From £1125

English for Marketing


From £1125

English for Medicine


From £1125

English for Oil and Gas Industry


From £1125

English for Politics and Diplomacy

From £1125

*Courses fees can be subject to change and availability

Application Process:

Step 1

Contact us and let us know your English course preferences such as type, duration, intensity.

Step 2

Once we receive your application, one of our team member will begin working on matching your request with suitable courses available.

Step 3

Within 24-48 hours of your application, we will send you via email a selection of available English schools and courses, matching your requirements.

Step 4

You review the information and notify us of the courses you are interested in, in order of priority.

Step 5

We will then check availability with your preferred courses and let you know which English Schools are available for the dates you require.

Step 6

You confirm your choice of the course and we send you our invoice. We cannot confirm the booking until payment has been made in full.

Step 7

As soon as we receive payment, we officially confirm your course booking.

Do you need a visa?

If you are an international student from a non EU country, you are required a visa to come to England. Depend on you course length there are different types of visa can be obtained. To get more information, please visit our Visa & Passport page.

SSE has experts in UKBA laws and regulations and are welcome to advise you with any upcoming questions and help you to apply for a visa. If it is necessary, we can get responsibility to proceed the visa application process for you. Please, contact us for more information.