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Welcome to a new culture

What to wear

We would recommend you to be dressed in formal and appropriate for the urban lifestyle clothing. It does not mean you have to buy a new wardrobe, but we would ask you to avoid wearing extremely casual clothes, such as sport-wear, home-wear and sweatpants. However, make sure to bring some comfortable shoes and clothes, as some of your program events and excursions will require long walks. Additionally, please, be aware as part of your study program or excursions you will be visiting churches, where shorts, sleeveless tops, short skirts and tops are forbidden.

Packing Tips

Don't bring too much!

We would better recommend you to think carefully and create a right mix of clothes, so you can easily mix and match it, rather than bring too much. Three pairs of trousers/ jeans are enough. Girls, don't bring many high hills shoes. Furthermore, as London is truly amazing place for shopping, you can better buy some something new there.

Please, be aware, it is your responsibility to carry all your bags, so please make sure you are able to do that during the whole trip.

We would recommend you to do the test yourself: after you pack your luggage, try to carry it by yourself around your block to make sure you can handle its weight.

Packing List

1) At least one pair of comfortable shoes to walk

2) Everyday clothing

Note: Style should be more formal, than in the USA. Please avoid extremely casual clothing

3) A few nice official outfits for social and cultural events

4) A few sweater and light jackets for evening and cool weather

5) Socks and Underwear

6) Sleeping clothes

7) Slippers to wear at home

8) Waterproof coat with a hood (as rainy weather is quite typical for the UK)

Additional Items for Fall/Winter Semesters

•  Sweaters

•  Winter coat

•  Scarf, hat, gloves

•  Warm, waterproof shoes or boots

•  Waterproof jacket

•  Umbrella

What to bring:

•  Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, etc.

•  Antiperspirant

•  Sunscreen

•  Vitamins and over-the-counter meds (Advil, Tylenol etc.)

•  Band-Aids, Neosporin

•  Hand sanitizer

•  Dramamine

•  Feminine hygiene products

•  Glasses/contact lenses/contact lens solution and prescription

Note: You may not be able to buy some of the medicine without prescription, so we would better recommend you to bring everything you may need with you


•  Credit Card and ATM/debit card

Everyday spending in cash (don't bring too much cash, about £20 per day would be enough)

•  Laptop computer

•  Voltage Converter + Plug Adaptors

•  Digital Camera

•  TSA-approved luggage locks

•  Travel guide (Let's Go, Lonely Planet, etc.)

•  Backpack

•  Small gift for your home family (if your hosting type is home stay)


All of the toiletries can be bought in the UK, so you can bring all products you need in small proportions, except some specific brands or products, which are not sold in the UK.

What not to bring:

•  U.S. Dollar in Cash

•  Credit card

•  Knives, mace, pepper spray, weapons or any other devices that may be considered as dangerous.

Storing Important Documents

Make photocopies of all important documents, including passport, visa, credit cards, driver's license, ID cards, medical insurance, etc. Bring your driver's license to use it as an ID. Additionally, you are required to carry with you a photocopy of your passport all the time, while you are abroad.

Voltage Converter and Plug Adaptor

Voltage Converter and Plug Adaptor are needed to operate most American electronic devices such as hairdryer, straightening irons, etc. In the U.S. Voltage is 110V, while in the UK 220V, therefore in order to convert it to higher volume a Voltage Converter is required. Plug adaptor is needed to make the plug fit into the socket.


On the arrival day SSE will provide students with a prepaid balance SIM-card with unlimited Internet access and free calls within the country in order to guarantee our students can access SSE team 24/7 in the case of any questions or enquiries appear.

For international calls to communicate with parents (to the USA or etc.) students can top up a card online. Additionally, students can use unlimited Internet to connect parents via Viber, WhatsApp or Skype. All instructions will be provided by the SSE team.