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Campus Tours


Many Universities have adopted the technology to help the students take a virtual tour of their campus, visit the infrastructures and then decide whether to apply for a program or not. The importance of visiting college campuses cannot be over emphasized. Brochures, catalogues, presentations by college representatives, guidance counselors and videos can help to form an opinion of a university, but a visit allows you to see first-hand the environment and evaluate the academics, athletics, housing, and the social life of that university.

If you are interested to study at some of the British universities, but haven't yet decided which one would you go, SSE can organise for you a London Universities Campuses Tour (5 to 14 days).

Photo of a typical campus

Benefits of Campus Visit Tours

•  Attend an information session about the majors that interest you

•  Meet your admissions counselor.

•  Discover students on-campus life and community

•  Experience a long flight to different time-zone

•  Visit campuses of your choice

•  Compare costs and fees

A campus visit not only will help to narrow down the choices but it can have benefits such as acting as a real motivator for the student to do well academically as well as in extracurricular activities. It will give a clearer picture about the college environment and it can act as an ideal opportunity for parents and students to talk about this very important decision.

SSE Services:

•  Plan, book and organise University visits

•  Hotel or On - campus Accommodation Arrangement

•  Pick up and Departure to the Airport

•  Itinerary and Guide to London of your visit

•  Health and Safety Guide

•  Provide travel budget estimations

Advantages of Campus Tours with SSE

•  Guide to best hotels and locations

•  SSE Ambassadors Guidance in London

•  Parents and Siblings are welcome

•  Recommendations on daily

•  Flexible options of Campus Tours (dates, costs and campuses)

If you have any specific requirements, please contact us, we are welcome to discuss and organise that for you!