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Apply 12 weeks prior to the course, but keep in mind - sooner is better. Application package with a check list will be sent.

Application Process

Application process

Step 1: Preparation

Minimum GPA and entry requirements vary by program. In order to make sure you meet the necessary level, please check the Eligibility section.

It is a priority all students must verify themselves whether the appropriate course they chosen will grant them credits to their home university. Student Semester will help you to verify this in total with all universities.

Step 2: Recommendation Letters

Most of the programs require one or two academic recommendation letters. To get more information, please view the Eligibility section. You may submit them via mail, fax or email (scanned PDF).

Step 3: Mail the Documents

Scan all of the required documents and email it to us in one PDF document to the address we will provide you with after you submit the Contact Us Form. Submit the Contact Us Form .

Check List for the Documents required:

•  One copy of your university/college transcript

•  Two photos of your passport (must be emailed)
We can accept your application without passport, if you are in the booking application process. However, you have to notify as when you applied for your passport and email as a photocopy of it as soon as you received it back.

•  Release and credit forms (Required for all programs)

Download Release and Credits Form.

Before sending it to us, Section 1 and Section 2 have to be signed. Without both sections signed we will not proceed you application.

•  A personal Statement is necessary for the most of the programs

Step 4: Online Application

Fill the Online Application Form. After filling the form, please send to the address detailed with your $500 program deposit. Program deposit will be excluded from your total program fees.