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Student Semester Europe (SSE) offers not simply a traditional on-campus semester, but an integrated educational travel to the most beautiful cities in Europe, including famous capitals, such as Paris, London and Berlin and many other exciting destinations.

With SSE programs students will get a unique opportunity to plunge into an international environment, meet interesting people from different backgrounds and receive education from highly qualified and experienced tutors.

SSE offers students a great variety of courses, covering different fields of subjects, such as Fine Arts, Fashion Design, International Relationships, Marketing Techniques, Business Development and many other fascinating subjects to discover.

Depending on your selected course there are different GPA entry requirements, varying between 2.5 to 4.0 GPA points. More information is provided when the course is selected. Please, check our course menu or contact us directly to be advised.

SSE Programs:

SSE programs are carefully selected and designed in order to meet specific requirements and personal preferences of different clients.

The main purpose of our programs is to help students develop professional skills and gain valuable experience and knowledge, while enjoy their time abroad.

SSE Services:

  • Offer a selection of programs with relevant and engaging academic topics
  • Provide exciting and innovative curricular travel and events
  • Provide local and logistical support to guarantee students can have the most of their time abroad
  • Encourage students to move out of their comfort zone and meaningfully engage with the host country culture

Deciding to study abroad is not an easy step, but it is worth it. Moving abroad gives an amazing opportunity to fulfil life with new emotions and unforgettable memories. It is an opportunity to meet interesting people from different backgrounds, make new friends, visit new cities, discover new culture and finally advance knowledge and develop skills to enhance future opportunities and brighten carrier prospects.